We have a new phone system….please listen closely when you call the shop, you will be instructed to dial an extension to talk with us

FREEZER Space is FULL….Please Pick Up ASAP after completion. Storage fees will be charged for meat completed over 14days old.
ALL MEAT must be picked up JULY 7TH
to make room for the next 2 Fairs  NO Exceptions.

Limited FARM Animals accepted during the BIG Fair rush.
Please schedule either before or after the fair season for no limits.
NO farm kill BEEF June 20th -July 21st
NO Farm Kill Hogs June 25th-July20th
We will post an update after getting  after Alameda Fair list on July 10th

NORMALLY Closed on Weekends, but during fair season we tend to work a lot of OT,  during the week we start early if needed &
weekend hours posted HERE on FRIDAY nights as needed.
Open:   Sat. June 3rd    (7am-11am)….worked until 6pm
Open:   Sun. June 4th   (7am-11am)….worked until 5pm
Open:  Sat. June 10th  (7am-11am)…..worked until 3pm
OPEN: Sat. June 17th  (7am-11am)…..worked until 5pm
Open : Sat. June 24th (7am-10am)

FAIR Season 2017
Dixon Fair                  May 14th    24~animals
Contra Costa Fair May 21st     29~animals
Sacramento Fair    May 28th    152~animals
Alameda Fair           July 9th
State Fair                   July 16th
Amador Fair            July 30th
Fair Buyers: 
please read the “Fair Animals” page before calling with cutting instructions.

EST. 1979