Kountry Meats
9631 Sandage Ave.
Elk Grove, CA. 95624

SHOP#    916-685-5431   (we have a new phone system as of 2017)

Business Hours:
MON-FRI   8-5

 Closed for Lunch
No Drop Offs or PICK Ups from 11:30am-1:00pm

~We come in early a lot during fair and deer season…6am early.
~ If we are working on the weekends we will post those dates and hours on the Home Page on Friday nights after 8pm.
Otherwise closed on weekends.

Deer Season……..
NO after hours drop offs after 6:30pm
Use DRY ICE if needed ….until the morning,
when we can meet you at the shop.

  • We work long days during deer season….always call the shop first.    If no answer at the SHOP #916-685-5431
    and you need to make an appointment to drop off
    WILD GAME on the weekends you can try calling/texting…
    our home line…..the earlier we get notice the better your chances.
  • This number is not used for lunch time calls, cutting instructions,  or any general questions or pick ups.
     This number is only used for Wild Game DROP Off Appointments on weekends when we are Not working in the shop.
  • Please  call the shop # first. 916-685-5431
    We also screen all calls to our home number due to the high number of   “Non-Game” related calls we have received on our days off.    This number is for when we are available to take in an animals during our time off.   Sorry,  but we are not always available. 
    Returned calls are from 8am-6pm
    Phone is turned off after 6pm daily
    Latest Appointments made are 6:30pm
    Please respect our family/dinner time.
    916-529-7710…HOME# for game drop offs ONLY, no other calls or texts here will be returned, call the shop for all other information.
    PLEASE have your animal completely Skinned before calling to make a drop off appointment.

EST. 1979