Fair Animals

FFA & 4H County Fair’s
Fair Season…. May 14th – July 31st

  • No divides for lambs or Goats. –   4 chops per pkg Minimum
    Hogs….1/2 divides if requested –   3 chops per pkg Minimum
    Beef…1/2 & 1/4 divides if requested – 2 steaks per pkg Minimum 
    No Hang Only’s….all animals received will be cut.
  • If you purchase an animal at a fair please call by Wednesday following the auction to give your cutting instruction.
    Shop #916-685-5431  – No call by Wednesday means you will get a standard cut, scroll down for a standard list.
    If you want your animal cut standard or if you want it the same as last year you can text the word
    “Standard” or “Copy” with your
    EAR TAG # to 916-529-7710
    (no other 
    communication will be responded to on this number)
    We will respond to these texts with an “OK”,  if no response within the day please call the shop # the next day.
  • We process for 7 Fairs from May 15th-July 30th…..freezer space is extremely tight during these months. It is very important to pick-up all animals with-in 7-days of completion during the summer so we can keep the freezer space available for the next set of animals that need cutting.
    A discount is given to animals picked up within 7 days of completion
    (We will call you & post your ear tag# on the completion page) 
  • We can no longer hold your animal until “your friends” are done.
  • Meat not picked up within 14days will be charged $50 per week Per animal for storage space.  (This is to pay for the extra freezers we will be forced to rent and run for slow pick ups during the fair season)

Go to the RANCH ANIMALS page for a meat CUT instruction list
Standard list below 

Standard WHOLE Beef cut List
8 – Chuck Roasts
8 – Chuck Steaks
4 – 3-4lb Cross Rib Roasts
4 – 3-4lb Sirloin Tip Roasts
2 – 3-4lb Rump Roasts
2 – 3-4lb Eye Round Roasts
10 pkgs  Short Ribs
5-6  pkgs Soup Bones
5-10 lbs Stew Meat
2 – Whole Briskets
2 – Flank Steaks
2 – Tri Tips
4 – London Broils
*the following Steaks all cut 1″ thick wrapped 2 per package
(quantity depends on size of the animal)
Top Sirloins
T – Bones
Rib Steaks
Top Round Steaks
Swiss Steaks
GROUND BEEF 1lb pkgs

Standard WHOLE Hog Cut List
2 – Shoulder Roast   approx  5-7lbs
2 – Butt Roast             approx 5-7lbs
4 – Smoked Hams     approx 10-15lbs
4 – Smoked Ham Hocks
2 – Loin Roasts            approx 3-4lbs
2 – Spare Ribs
(quantity depends on size of animal)
All  Bacon Possible in 1lb pkgs
pork chops 3/4″ thick and 4 per pkg
Ground Pork 1lb pkgs
(quantity of trim depends on size of the hog)

Standard WHOLE  Lamb Cut List
2 – Leg of Lamb       approx 5lbs
2 – Rack of Lamb
2 – Riblets
4 – Lamb Shanks (2 per pkg)
(quantity depends on size of animal)
Lamb Chops             1″ thick 4 per Pkg
Shoulder Steaks    1″ thick 2 per pkg
Stew Meat

This is an average, every animal is different.
Your Personal cutting instruction will also change the finished weight.

1100 – 1450 lbs Live weight
650 – 900 lbs Carcuss weight
600 – 800 lbs Dry aged weight
300 – 450 lbs Packaged weight

230 – 300 lbs Live weight
160 – 230 lbs Carcuss weight
100 – 170 lbs Packaged weight

Lambs – Goats
90 – 150 lbs Live weight
50 – 95 lbs Carcuss weight
30 – 60 lbs Packaged weight

Lambs need about 5 cubic feet of freezer space
Hogs need about 10-12 cubic feet of freezer space
Beef need about 20 cubic feet of freeze space

EST. 1979