Wild Game

Out Of State Hunters,
Please look at the video page.

We cut all game meat boneless & wrap for 2 people in vacuum seal.

BEAR Hunters
Validate your tag before arriving at the shop.
We will not take bears until they are validated.

~Please only bring frozen boneless bird meat to make sausages. In 1 gallon zip lock bags or smaller please
~also bring hunting license #’s
~10-15lbs bird meat will make a 25lb sausage batch,  we add pork trim
~Please bring birds during the winter months when our smoker is not busy. Jan-March preferred.  
April-Dec will take longer because the smoker is busy.

Deer Season….

  • NO after hours drop off appointments after 6:30pm
  • Use DRY ICE if needed ….until the morning,
    when we can meet you at the shop.
  • Sorry,  but we are not always available. 
    Returned calls are from 8am-6pm
  • Phone is turned off after 6:30pm daily
  • After hours #916-529-7710… for game drop offs ONLY,
    no other calls or texts here will be returned,
    call the shop for all other information. #916-685-5431
  • PLEASE have your animal completely Skinned before calling to make a drop off appointment.
  • We screen all calls, leave a message or text.

Tips for Hunters, from the butcher

  • Gut your animal immediately, including throat, bladder & rectum
  • Start skinning your animal within the first hour
  • Most game meat Spoils because its not skinned quickly
  • Wash your animal with clean water after skinning
  • Let your animal dry completely
  • Wrap your animal in a dry cloth “no plastic”
  • Do Not piece out your animal, leave it whole if possible
    For “Out of State” see the video link page on how to remove the spine properly, leaving your animal able to hang properly
  • Use Dry Ice only if weather is extremely warm
    (this is normally not necessary if you hunt late Sept-Dec)
    If you can’t find dry ice and its above 60 degrees and your worried, double bag regular ice & make sure your animal stays dry.       Moisture=Mold
    We have more issues with animals that are in ice chest,  dry game bags are the best options 99% of the time.
  • Do not remove blood shot areas, we will do that when we cut it
  • Cutting your animal into pieces exposes the “good” meat to air, dirt and bacteria. You will loose more meat if animal is pieced out!
  • Leave the tendon attached on the hind legs to hang it properly
  • We can only age meat if it is able to hang in large pieces like shown on our video (and it must stay dry after skinning)

Properly Gutted, Skinned & Cleaned animals that are left whole will yield the most meat possible.  Animals that are not gutted and skinned quickly enough risk “Bone Sour”  Keeping your animal clean and  free of hair and dirt will also help you yield a better finish weight.  

JERKY– Teriyaki, Pepper, Cajun, & Original

(No jerky for Bears, Birds, & Wild Hogs)

Smoked Hams offered for Wild Hogs only

Smoking of Whole Game Birds

We offer many sausages for all game animals, including

Ducks, Pheasants, & Geese (Bird Meat must be boneless)

Bird sausage is preferred    Jan ~April   OR    August
during slow months when the smoker is not running 24/7
other times you may wait 6-12 weeks

Fresh Bulk Sausages -$1.75lb extra (5lb Min)
Breakfast, Chorizo,  Italian & Maple
always your meat

Special LINKED Sausages

***25lb batch MIN  always your meat***
Prices vary ,  depends on type.
Breakfast links,  Maple Links, British Bangers
Hot Links,  Bratwurst,  Italian links, Polish Sausage,
Smoked Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Smoked Polish,
Hunter Sausage, Linguica,  Andouille,
Salami,   Summer Sausage,
Pepper Stix,  Teriyaki Stix,
(NEW!) HOT Teriyaki Stix,   Cheddar Jalapeño Stix,
Thuringer,   Hot Dogs,  Cheddar Jalapeno Summer Sausage

Sausages that are offered in a group batch in small amounts are
Salami…Teriyaki Stix…Pepper Stix
These animals must be processed here at Kountry Meats to be allowed the option of our group batch.
But you are always allowed to do a 25lb special batch and only have your own meat

No Birds, Bears, or Wild Hogs available in group batches…always 25lb batches

BOLD = most popular items

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