Ranch Animals

  • We Cut Goats, Lambs, Hogs & Beef then
    wrap them in Vacuum Seal (3yr Freezer life)
  • Please call with your cutting instructions with-in 24-48hours after your animal has been slaughtered.
  • We will be limiting farm kill animals from May 15th – July 30th to make room for the large number of fair animals we have been receiving the last 3 years.
    The cooler & freezer needs to be completely empty Memorial Weekend and 4th of July Weekend. Please make sure you Pick up your meat ASAP during the Summer . Late/Storage Fees will Be strictly enforced.  (Meat over 14days completed is $25 per week per animal….meat over 60days will be disposed of)

  NO Self Kills.
Call a Ranch Butcher to schedule a slaughter.
All animals should be slaughtered before 12-noon
to insure the HOT summer days don’t effect your meat.
Doad 209-826-8839
JOE 209-419-1867
Wayne 530-362-0290
Alan 530-344-3339
 Posawon Ranch 916-684-2271 Elk Grove, CA (hogs only)
LONG Ranch Inc 209-823-5515 Manteca, CA (hogs only)

Meat Cut list



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