Ranch Animals

  • We process Goats, Lambs, Hogs & Beef then
    wrap them in Vacuum Seal (3yr Freezer life)
  • Please call with your cutting instructions with-in 24~48hours after your animal has been slaughtered
  • .We will be limiting farm kill animals from May 15th – July 30th to make room for the large number of fair animals (over 400) we have been receiving the last 3 summers.
  • The cooler & freezer needs to be completely empty
    Memorial Weekend &  4th of July Weekend.
    Please make sure you Pick up your meat ASAP during the Summer/Fair Season   (3500 boxes the last 3 fair season & our freezer only holds 750, please pickup ASAP during the summer)
  • Discounted lower Winter Rates are JAN 1st-March 30th
  • Meat over 14days completed and not picked up is $50 per week per animal for late/storage fees…..meat over 60days will be disposed of.

SCHEDULE your slaughter before  FAIR Season
 Limited Ranch animals May 1st-Aug 1st

NO Self Kills.
Call a Ranch Butcher to schedule a slaughter.
Make sure to schedule before 12noon during the HOT summer

Doad 209-826-8839
JOE 209-419-1867
Wayne 530-362-0290
Alan 530-344-3339
 Posawon Ranch 916-684-2271 Elk Grove, CA (hogs only)
LONG Ranch Inc 209-823-5515 Manteca, CA (hogs only)

No divides for lambs or Goats. –   4 chops per pkg Minimum
Hogs….1/2 divides if requested –   3 chops per pkg Minimum
Beef…1/2 & 1/4 divides if requested – 2 steaks per pkg Minimum
~No Hang Only’s
….all animals received will be cut.
Only 1 choice of sausage flavor per 1/2 hog
~Limited Freezer Space available during Fair Season (May-July) we will not have space in the freezer to save extra things like Fat, Skin, or bones (except small dog bones) at this time of year, but can before or after FAIR Season.

Meat Cut list

uinea Hogs…please note that Guinea Hogs are not like “normal” Meat Hogs. They should not get as large as a Yorkshire, Hampshire, or Duroc.  Guinea Hogs should be killed between 100-130lbs live weight.   The meat will be about the same size as a lamb. If you let them get larger then this all you are gaining is more back fat that we will be trimming off, the meat/muscle won’t get larger.
Example: pork chops will be the same size as lamb chops.
   ~ Yorkshire, Hampshire & Duroc hogs should be killed between 225-260lbs live weight at the “ideal” time of slaughter
Approx 6-8mo old
Anything larger then this normally means we are just trimming off more back fat.
~ Beef should be about 16-18mo old at the “ideal” time of slaughter and should weigh about 1100-1300lbs live weight
~Lambs should be about 6-8mo old at the “ideal” time of slaughter and should weigh approx 120-140lbs live weight



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